Sunday, September 30, 2012

Justin Bieber: Making Love Real

In a relationship, you have to work through the vanity and see your partner at his basest: sniffly, red nosed, farting constantly, goo in eyes and vomiting. Last night, Justin Bieber connected with thousands of his fans by barfing in the middle of a song, right in front of them...twice. He asked the audience if they still love him even though he yakked. And guess what? They DO!!! Dish is crying sweet love tears ... and hoping, praying that the intimacy grows with his squatting and taking a gigantic public dump -- just for his fans.

Best line today from the sexiest MILF in the world, Katey Sagal, in Sons of Anarchy: "Bad shit happens to greedy whores." I'm going to use that one.

Anne Hathaway did not wait for her Winona-Ryder-boy-hair to grow in and got married.These bitches never listen to me. You need long bridal hair.

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