Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Catching up with Stool Loosening Billions

Of course I admire the eyeliner work on Rachel Maddow and the manly way both Chris Matthews and Younger Chris scream on MSNBC. Lawrence's cake makeup and Ciceronian bitchfest opening, aaaah. Sometimes, though, you have to put your foot down with TV politics.

It's not glamorous, and Dish's brain has been slowly rotting the past three years. My tradition of following presidential campaigns went awry, picking up on a longer, seemingly endless thread. I lost my celebrity gaze, but the past two weekends, it came back.

I caught up on my Billions, where Paul Giamatti emotes, drawing out those syllables like he's Ella, about to sing a bluesy tune in a sweaty nightclub. He's into S&M! How cool is that--and quirky (innovation). Enter the nemesis, Ginger Manchurian Terrorist from Homeland who runs something big and financial, and is somehow smarter than everyone, which means he did not fail Economics in college the way Dish did. Everyone reveres him and Dish wonders where he got his smarts. Did he study? When did he have time to get smart AND know how to work the streets like a good old-fashioned Hell's Kitchen hooker? Perhaps I know this person from the time I befriended a Gordon Gekko wannabe. Genius is coke for the greedy. I for one am transfixed by Taylor whose work ethic is inspiring. I will admit, someone in the cast, who is named, went to college with me. I won't say who it is. But he's in three shows now, at least three.

Last reason to watch Billions: John Malkovich doing Russian accent.

The pleasure of this and a full day of Hallmark movies, well, you can say that it's akin to flushing out toxins.

Now, most importantly, The Bachelorette. Dish has given up on this season after 1 and 1/2 episodes due to a strong whiff of racism from one of the Nazi youth. It seemed so obvious to me that I turned off the TV--plus I read a spoiler, which doubly ruined everything for me. Screw you, Arie!