Sunday, March 18, 2007

Unintentional Abandonment

It hasn't been that we've ignored the stars. They just bore us these days. Our therapist thinks this is healthy, but we're not sure. We read People last week and knew everything ahead of time. Page Six doesn't give us enough juice or maybe we've realized the stars lead the same life as we do--only they're richer and on a screen and get out more and look better. Then there was the stomach flu, a cold and sinus infection, too much work kept us from star-gazing.

Our only exciting star-related events have been:

Dish went to an advanced screening of 300 at the Imax theater and saw Matthew Modine ahead of us in line. When the list-keeper asked him his name, MM said, "uh...MoDINE?" He had four guests. MM sat a million seats in front of us so no excessive stalkage. We think the movie should be called 300 Sets of Abs and the excess testosterone made us grow a penis. Then, as we left the theater, we saw Steve Guttenberg. Worlds colliding!

Two days after that, we went to see Liev Schreiber in Talk Radio and he was excellent. Highly recommend, especially if you like to diss everything. We envied Liev his cigs as he smoked throughout. How nice that smart-seeming blond L&O: SUV former ADA Stephanie March is working. We see her and her husband in our neighborhood. They shop at Whole Foods, or at least they did the last time we followed them.
And tonight, embarrassingly enough, The Mirror Has Two Faces, is on TV and even though we own the movie (mortification), we're still watching the version with commercials.

Who knows when we'll return. Maybe when Halle Berry is pregnant or Keanu does another movie...