Monday, April 16, 2018

Billy Crudup and The ACM Awards...

...have nothing in common. But such was Dish's Ides of April!

After reading forty verses of Virgil (NY Post Super Sudoku), I took hubby to see Billy Crudup in Harry Clarke, a play by David Cale. I know a few things: Paris is amazing, never take Calculus II, beets are inedible, and always see Billy Crudup on stage. TG and I watch so much crap, we had to indulge in something brain enriching. In a nutshell, BC does 19 characters in 90 minutes, which resembles Dish's unraveling during work deadlines. This show is a must see for anyone who loves to see crazy talent and hear a layered story. We emerged from the theater feelings like Gen X!

On the other end of the spectrum, TG and I watch most award shows. He pretends he knows who everyone is and cries when hard-working people win (Tissues needed for Chopped and Cupcake Wars). I wallow in my melancholy over being an ordinary girl. It's my Maupassant's "The Necklace" moment, but you know, no regrets. Seriously, I watched the ACM (CMA?) Awards to witness the flaming desire between Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton. Her wearing fishnets at 48 gives me hope that -2 years ago, I could do the same! The goo goo love eyes are priceless.

And now...back to the ugliness and scandal of the real world.

(We watched the Comey interview. It's funny, I practiced the exact same exchange with George Stephanopolous in the mirror last week).

Thursday, April 12, 2018

The Clouds Part and a Kardashian Emerges

Someone who used to resemble Khloe Kardashian (my fave of the clan) got contractions in Cleveland, aka the last place a girl should walk the streets, and gave birth to a girl. Surgeons found a way to give the baby butt implants and waist cinching in utero so thank Jebus she is perfect. Her name is Cumulus--and will love playing with her cousin Stormi.

Small potatoes to child-bearing, Babydaddy I guess was caught cheating, but Dish finds this insignificant since Someone Who Used to Resemble Khloe knows that athletes tend to run toward the "massage" van.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Star-spotted: Katie Finneran, Broadway Show Thief

3:12 pm: As I carried my groceries from Pamper Ur Pets, I passed Katie Finneran, aka great actress of stage, screen, and Netflix.

Katie and I go way back. We admired her first as the lesbian nanny who steals the wife from Dabney Coleman who is Tom Hanks's father in You've Got Mail. Nanny Maureen! The one who says All Men Lie, wisdom x infinity.

The Groom and I then went to see Sean Hayes and "Chenoweth" (as TG calls her) in Promises, Promises on Broadway. Katie stole the show even though we are drooling fans of SH and C. Katie just made a small scene huge.

Then came Bloodline, which Dish discovered during her Blue Period, plus I wanted to keep my bond with Friday Night Lights. Katie plays a long-suffering ex-wife.

Around this time, TG went to a funeral where he talked to this nice woman who seemed familiar. He said her name and I reminded him of our long history with her and how much we love her.

Isn't this, like, a novel? And it doesn't end there.

We went to see an Edward Albee play, in which she starred with Robert Sean Leonard (a godlike creature). I won't reveal the median age of the audience (83) or the Miss Havisham perfume wafting every which way. Long story long, despite being sophisticated and loving both actors, the play was just too depressing for us and we left at intermission. We figured that Katie and Sean unraveled their messed up marriage, went to places that seemed unfixable, but then made each other breakfast like always. Right?

And today I saw her again, looking like a well-put-together person and remarked on my own disheveled self. It's okay since we are best friends now and I'm a good enough person to let her be the glamorous one.

Moral of the story: Always go see her if she's in a play or movie. Worth it.