Friday, May 09, 2014

The Selfie in the Room

I finally saw the James Franco selfie and, frankly, it's sort of like the Mona Lisa in person -- meh. What I find appalling is the stir it's caused. Isn't this the Franco we've been experiencing for years now? Are we this bored? I can't diss too much. Lookswise, he reminds me of one of my hot cousins (I have many, many hot cousins). It's difficult for me to invest in this Franco, who seems out of it. Comparing his selfie to the Beckham billboards--not the same thing. Dish always makes sure to get paid gazillions before showing off the bod.

Franco, Kim and Lindsay's slobbering is why I'm on a British jag. Sorry to be so conformist but Benedict Cumberbatch is far more articulate in interviews--he even takes Harrison's breath away. We tried watching Doc Martin after Sherlock, but the pace was too slow for TG and Doc's gigantic mouth was very distracting. Some members of DishFamily are is in love with him. Notice the plural.

I'm burying the lead.

I think I saw Paul Simon at my deli!!! On my way to get lunch, this little old man I could totally have stepped on entered and there was talk of getting him "the soup he likes." Dish lingered, fishing for more items to purchase, say, a bran muffin for TG. How cute that people are so fussy about soup.

Two hours later, I passed Stephanie March hailing a taxi. It's not the first time I've seen her in the hood and I'm always blown away by her effortless beauty (I'd insert curse word, but I'm a lady). She is younger than me. :(