Thursday, December 20, 2007

Garnering Sightings

Long Overdue Sighting: December 7th, 11:10 p.m., Jennifer Garner after her performance of Cyrano. She signed autographs forever and was so nice to her admirers. She's just as friendly and cute-seeming as in movies. I still harbor fantasies that someone will catch her smoking crack...

Just finished Rosie O'Donnell's Celebrity Detox, a present from BF, and, to my surprise, it overlooks her final exit from The View. I don't get it since the blowup was super-dramatic. But I liked most of the book and wondered how much editing was done. I'm cynical that way. Parts are intoxicating, especially when she describes her painting. And I totally get her love for Barbra Streisand. There isn't as much of an "as told to" feel to her story as with other celebrity memoirs.

The View represents the dynamic of many female cliques. Usually, there's a hierarchy--the group goddess, the peacekeeper and follower, and the one who gets shat on. The first person to get dumped on was that twenty-something Debbie (Matenopolous?) and she was practically chased off by torch-wielding villagers. Though annoying to watch, Star Jones was clubbed to death in her last year on The View. Then, they went after Rosie, and you know Sherri (no idea of her last name) is next to go. I had thought Elisabeth would be fired, but she's hung in there. While I loathe her opinions, I admire her for surviving the wars. After Rosie left, the pattern seemed so obvious to me, I couldn't watch this show anymore. Though I love Whoopi.