Friday, November 15, 2013

Even Lower Blows in Housewifeland

When Brandi Glanville talks about the foul scent of another housewife's nether parts, I decide to get off this train. This is far too nasty, even for a girl-squabble-lovin' Dish. The fake backdoor booty begging between Scott Disick and Kourney compelled me to erase them from Keeping Up with the Kardashians. And now, BG has taken me to a new place. I've rooted for Brandi all along but this season and outside of the housewives, it's difficult. Is it the booze? "I just tell it like it is" is not an excuse to be an a**hole, even if you're talking about an a**hole.

Which brings me to Alec Baldwin. I adore him on SNL and in movies, but the constant appearance in the tabloids (and his talk show) has killed that respect. There is no "poor me" here. The alleged stalker he allegedly pissed off took up so much space in the rags the week. Victimless crimes.

Except for my poor eyes, which are bleeding. Sadly, this won't stop me.


Anonymous said...

More dish, please.

Dish said...

Your wish is my command!