Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dishreaders, My Apologies...

I've been away, disengaged from celebrities, maybe a little detached since spending so much time meditating. But those strong Dish Views exist. They are bursting through the ice for one night. I have to get this off my chest:

The Sound of Music--Lay off Goldielocks. She was just fine as a singer doing a live performance. As she says, haters need Jesus. It's like the critics had their columns written before the show. No, she's not a great actress, but Dish was sobbing through most of the damn thing. And I hate this musical...My heart loves it.

Anchorman 2--About 20 minutes too long.

The Holidays--are overrated, but Dish survived them. Apologies to Dishfamily for enduring my outbursts.

August Osage County--Am reluctant to see it. Don't want to see Julia get upstaged by anyone, even Meryl. Julia belongs in a venue by herself, under glass, to be worshiped.

Dean McDermott--I voted for him to win Rachael and Guy's Celebrity Cookoff. I believed in him. He seemed so earnest and in love with Tori. With four kids, they must at least like to do certain things in quick succession. Oh Donna.

Cameron Diaz--is living next door to me, I think.

Watching American Idol and thinking Harry is the new Simon (only H. seems a little psycho, as in I'm scared of him), Keith needs to brush his hair and J.Lo is too pretty to be believed. They keep writing things down during judging, but are they fake writing? What do they have to write down?

My schadenfreude over Bieber will land me in hell.


Anonymous said...

so very happy you are back! what the heck have you been doing?

Dish said...

I have a book-i-poo coming out. My brain went into overdrive--as in the Fast and Furious kind--so now that it's about to drop, I'll have more time to dish. Too morose over Philip Seymour Hoffman. Will wait until the crying subsides.