Saturday, March 01, 2014

I Can't Keep Quiet

This post is brought to you by extreme boredom. My To Do list is empty, so I must address celebrity issues and return to my first love: the stars.

Alec Baldwin publicly stated that he's leaving public life. I thought seriously about buying New York Magazine, but didn't want to spend the 6$. Instead, I'm using that 6$ to start a pool that Alec won't leave NYC or stop his blabbing and raging. Or I'll donate the $ to his first class in the DishMethod to an improved lifestyle: yogurt almond and meditation.

I confess, I will always love Alec as an actor and hope he enjoys LA, where I'm sure he'll find peace.

The instant Robin Thicke dry thrusted into Miley on the VMAs, I thought his marriage might be in trouble. The news of his split with Paula Patton didn't surprise me. Allegedly, Robin wants his wife back. He should seek TG's advice, which would be: never publicly ogle another babe. The only exception is Sofia Vergara and, here, I do the slow clap and ogle her, too.

Rest in Peace, Harold Ramis, sweet ghostbuster.


Anonymous said...

It's March 21. Three weeks of silence????

Dish said...

Thanks for the push, Anonymous. i need that!