Monday, October 14, 2013

Hannibal Hearts Walter White!

Anthony Hopkins has such an actor crush on Bryan Cranston and wrote him a fan letter. Of course, Bryan probably pissed his pants and sharted because that's what I would do if Tony wrote to me. This email is so adorable and very gushy, sort of like what I wrote to Russell Crowe in 1998 after seeing The Insider.

Had a lovely dinner with awesomeDishfriend and we gossiped about Hugh Jackman, Parenthood, who Rachel Weisz dated before James Bond, who James Bond dated before Rachel, etc... The important stuff. Along with profiterole.


carpoolcandy said...

I nominated u for a Liebster award because I think your blog is swell.

Anonymous said...

Where are you? My brain is dying without Dish; laugh track is dying too.

Dish said...

I'm so sorry, Anonymous! Thanks for the nudge. I've been caught up in a wave of busy-ness. But as you remind me, there's no busy-ness like show business--and the show must go on.

(how's that for stringing clichés together)