Sunday, October 13, 2013

Run, Don't Walk to See "Betrayal" on Broadway

I lost my mind on my Dish-writing hiatus this past spring: I stopped caring about tabloid stories. Imagine my chagrin. Am I depressed? Who am I but a lover of star trash? As it turns out, by investing in a worthwhile cause, I extracted myself from worthless causes, i.e. the Lindsays, the Parises, the Britneys and the Kardashians as portrayed by the media. My time on TMZ greatly diminished, I felt/feel a little empty. How else to fill this space?

To begin, I've started reading again--like, good books, studying sales numbers from week to week. I'm not sure why. Then I watch writers talk about their writing and they've become my new tabloid (they're not as pretty but they at least can form sentences). Talking to people more helps ease my star-gazing withdrawal. It's been a 45-year addiction so I still have to look if the Jenners split up or Charlie pulls out of Fifty Shades (proof that film already in trouble).

A couple months ago, I bought a ticket to see Betrayal purely because am obsessed with the Daniel Craig/Rachel Weisz marriage, like do they emit hot chemisty sparks between them on stage? I almost blew it off because, as I say above, I stopped caring about the stars. A friend urged me to reconsider, that I'd miss something great (i.e. the play itself and Daniel Craig on stage). Dishreaders, I am so glad I pulled myself together this past Friday. One should never miss this play or James Bond doing theater. What a pleasure--the cast, a Pinter play. My faith in some celebrities, literature, and pop culture has been renewed.

TG and I are going to see the hot Cherry Jones and Spock in The Glass Menagerie. Dish is a Tennessee Williams virgin and preparing to be thoroughly mind-f*cked.


DBSK said...

Yay, Dish is back!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Dish for returning. We love it that your obsession with celebrities has turned you to the theee-a-ter.

Dish said...

I can't get enough. Hoards of people all crammed in together, the constant urge to break the fourth wall, germophobia--for some reason, I make it work.