Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Lauren Graham Is My New Julia

I didn't stand a chance. To become my new imaginary best friend, the woman unleashed a five-pronged attack:

1. Using ESP, Lauren planted a seed for me to start watching Gilmore Girls, 10 years after it was popular. Lorelei is infuriating, sweetly manic, gorgeous and hard to get out of the psyche once there.

2. Again, using her powerful telepathic powers, Lauren programmed me to consider her performance in Parenthood, a newer program where she plays a Lorelei-esque character (I forget the name, but somehow she and the most annoying person to me--Ray Romano--have this hot on-screen chemistry. Now RR appeals to this former-hater #laurenpower).

3. This prompted me to remember that her real-life boyfriend is Peter Krause, TG's same-sex crush (it's not sexual, just man-love) from Six Feet Under, who plays her brother on Parenthood.

4. Her book, Someday, Someday, Maybe, came out recently-ish and because Dish is intensely lazy, ordered it on audiotape to listen to at bedtime. Do I dare admit, there's nothing better than listening to Lauren as you go to Lily White's Party (my parents' lie to get me to sleep). Her story is pretty good, my subconscious reports.

5. In doing this math, I deem her a delight. Plus, she's older than I am and looks like Wonder Woman, which means I love her.

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