Monday, April 03, 2017

Leave the Precious A-hole Alone!

It's time to call your senators to protest the very sad, very disastrous fact that Bill O'Reilly has tolerated so much abuse by women--over years. Thank God he has been able to maintain his star status, all while dealing with such flagrant womansplaining. Why can't we accept his virility, his need for a little more failed attempts at nookie? Because he penned such masterful prose, and certainly would never use a TEAM or GHOSTWRITER, he is even more desirable than the average celebrity. It's just expected that Bill is #1 target of these money-hungry, ladder-climbing females. Good for his network for supporting an outstanding public figure, for encouraging the adorable stolen grope, which we ladies are aching for when we're not toiling over the sputum left for us to sort out. Let's give Billy O a break. He's what the world needs now--another a-hole.

One a-hole is fantastic, but two...It warms my heart when two a-holes find each other. J-Lo and A-Rod are steaming up the 6 with their bodice-ripping passion. You can see their new leases on life, just from this picture. I wasn't buying her cozy Instagrams with Drake. But A-Rod, he's just stale enough. Two wrongs can make a bigger wrong and that is so right.

It's all about the sell, people. Don't believe anything anymore. The mail, TV, or even the innocent gesture. In childhood, Dish was accused by a relative of always having an agenda. Perhaps Dish was just ahead of her time.

Today's star sighting in Tribeca...Bethenney's toxic ex-husband screaming into the phone, "Honey, I hope you have a great day in school!!! I love you, sweetheart!" Maybe the traffic was so loud he had to be loud. Or perhaps social services was hot on his heels. Whatever the case, Dish is not a fan of the Tribeca--or insincere-fests on the phone.

But seriously, if you need an un-sad example of a gorgeousness, temperance, and sainthood, I give you TG, who cooks for and tolerates Dish--7.5 years now.


Loving Spinsterhood said...

Welcome back Dish! Missed you!

Dishbrother said...

So happy to see Dish posting! I check almost every day and am usually sad. Now I'm happy. Poor, poor Bill O.

Dish said...

Thanks, Guys! Your comments make me want to write more!!!