Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Sweating with Stars!

I have to confess...I know where and when Sandra Bernhard works out. And you know what? She's one healthy bitch. What I love about her besides her talent is that she really works out, puts her guts into it. Then she goes to a tiny cubbie and gets her crap, which is minimal, and leaves. Once I saw her wince at the big TV when that big orange slob was talking nonsensically. Seeing Sandra always puts a boost in my workout.

Big Little Lies. I sort of loved it, but sort of didn't. I figured out the ending early on. No spoilers here, except there always a puke scene? I was expecting Adam Scott to be the big puker, with his sensitive ways and that hideous beard. But no, it was the one I would never, ever want to see toss her cookies.

It wasn't Nicole.

I saw 7 episodes of Nicole boffing Alex Skars...(finish the spelling for me). If you take away the violence, I could have watched them all day. But that's not the point of the story, is it? The point = people have secrets and men are lame. Nicole was electrifying, even in the floral dresses. Laura Dern is always excellent--especially playing the self-righteous Type-A cow. Love her in Enlightened, well, in everything.

Last thing--I need TV/movie suggestions for TG. We love indulging in TV binge-fests, but I'm afraid his taste is more sophisticated than mine. Here are his favorites: The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Little Britain. He refuses to watch anything Aaron Sorkin, super-girly shows like Sex & the City and Girls, though Rizzoli & Isles okay. We are show-less so we've been having meaningful conversations. Sigh...

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