Thursday, April 06, 2017

Resting Melt Face

I shouldn't objectify Republicans in Congress but look at these melting faces. One of the reasons for Dish's absence from blogging is far too much time watching news. See here what happens when you sit in a conference room and go, "blaaahhhhhh" all day long. Politicians should not be celebrities unless they have stylists. It's like the end of Indiana Jones every day, especially today with the whole nuclear option (which some will pronounce nucular because they are idiots).

Speaking of...

I'm going into the other room for this. I don't want anyone to hear me. And don't tell Alec Baldwin about this post. I didn't intend to read his memoir but Dishfriend has an extra copy. I knew it was a matter of time before the bear got poked again and what better time than when his book drops? Those Mel-esque anger issues don't just go away. Even while watching Match Game, one can see the rage simmering over reading crappy jokes off a teleprompter. It's a reallllly bad game show, we were desperate. It's kind of hilarious* how these gifted guys get accepted back into our good graces again (did you see Mel at the Oscars? Hugh Grant anyone? Bill?) but there you go. Dishwisdom always pulls me through the fog of do I keep tuning it or protest? Kids, the world witnessed his twitter-war with producer Dana Brunetti. A wall got punched, a keyboard got pounded. And yet...

People, we are all Alec and Dana. We are all Housewives. Thanks, twitter.

 As my hairstylist says, it sucks when a-holes are so talented. It's easy to run away, as I did when I saw Alec in Barnes & Noble once. You don't want to be in those cross-hairs. But I can't turn away from his SNL impersonation of the big orange slob.

*as in gross.

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