Friday, May 03, 2013

Late Night Posting...

Because I forgot that I was posting daily again. Dish handed in The Book today to The Editor, on time, then promptly turned into a zombie. TG and I met to see a dog fashion show at FIT. The things people do these days to put their pets in human clothes. I was waiting for one of the pooches to take a giant sh$t but my prayers went unanswered.

TG and I watched Fox News because Erin Burnett's smugness (not to worry, I sort of feel the same about about Clooney, Sting and Bono) bugs us and we saw the poop about that drunk little so-and-so Reese and how she had the gall to flaunt her name and how her hubs threw her under the bus. To be a fly in the Witherspoon house... Who lets their husband drive so plowed in the first place? Blah.

And then TG and I watched The Hangover Part II. I still think Bradley Cooper tortures small animals. I have no evidence.

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