Saturday, May 04, 2013

Star Sighting--Helen Hunt!!!

Behold this fabulous star sighting from Dishbrotherhusband!

"I thought you'd like to know. I saw Helen Hunt on the 1 train this afternoon. It was about 5:40/5:45pm. Not sure when she got in the train cause I was reading (prob after 42nd st, I'm thinking 59th st). I only noticed her when a small family (young mom, baby in stroller and grandma)  got in and as it was crowded they stayed by the door, not holding on to anything. The grandma tripped over Helen Hunt when the train moved. The grandma apologized and Helen, who was wearing sunglasses, half smiled and pointed to the grandma to use one of the handrails. I was about 5 feet away. Helen later got off at 72nd street. She was with a little redhead girl (daughter?). Helen looked good, very thin, wearing black. I tried not to gawk and went back to reading after the tripping accident. I did notice how narrow/slim her nose was."

Excellent peepers, DBH! But I wonder, why the sunglasses in the subway? They just draw attention, Dish feels. I do think some nose work was done, but hey, you never know.

We just watched This Is 40 and it's our whole life, basically (minus the children and mooching father). I'm thinking now Paul Rudd needs to play TG in the movie version.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for returning to posting every day. We have missed the sightings and musings. And the fun.

Dish said...

Thanks, Anonymous!