Friday, April 12, 2013

Dish Is Cracking Under the Pressure

The Universe is a jokester. This is the busiest month for me. I am finishing my book. I have two conferences to attend. Six books to edit. Normal daily stuff. Then a seventh book to edit. Now this week, sinus issues thanks to the weather. So in between hyperventilating, I'm getting monster headaches from the computer and the shifting barometric pressure. I keep saying to myself, "You call this a storm?" from Forrest Gump and also a loud, "F*ck you!" I just have to hang in there. Right now, I just want to cry. I can do that now because it's Friday.

These are the problems of a privileged girl. I am blessed to have this pressure. Except for the sinus problems. They SUCK.

Will take a break and watch Hannibal and breathe steam.


John Haracopos said...

I'm So Proud Of You!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Read the Daily Mail. Its scandals and the stupidities of the stars will get the sinus and other juices flowing.

Dish said...

Thanks, JJ! You're awesome!

Anon, I will read the Daily Mail, though right now am seeking Blind Items, which are my favorite! Thanks for the suggestion.