Sunday, April 28, 2013

I Might Be Back From My Hiatus

I'm dipping back into the land of celebrities and, let me say, I'm not impressed. Sure, Michael Jordan getting married is great, but it's not exciting to me when an athlete marries a model. They need love, too, so I hope they experience great joy. Maybe I do care a little.

Stephen Colbert is a genius here and here -- mostly everywhere.

Clint Eastwood and his wife might be having marital troubles. I would think talking to an empty chair in front of the world might stir a pot of crazy in a relationship. I keep thinking what I would do if TG did this. I'd be embarrassed, perhaps searching for some medical ailment (old age). Clint is just dotty, like DishCat, who now meows to himself behind the couch, a sign of senility and kitty constipation. This all gives me a little PTSD. In any case, Mrs. Eastwood--allegedly--has checked herself into rehab for anxiety and depression, which sounds perfectly understandable to me. LeAnn Rimes did rehab for Twitter anxiety. I need rehab too for my issues, which include 1. No upper body strength 2. Insomnia 3. I like to lie on my couch and watch TV for days 4. I impulse purchase makeup 90% of the time I walk into a Duane Reade 5. I'm turning into a strange middle-aged woman. Sometimes, I don't recognize myself. 6. I purposely don't fill up the water jug because I know it irritates TG and I like it when he yells at me for it. He makes a big deal out of how it dries up the Brita filter. I need help!

News of Famous for Being Famous:

1. Kimberly Stewart (daughter of Rod and Benicio Del Toro one-night stand babymama) might be boinking Harry Styles, which must piss off Taylor Swift! It's really, really upsetting to me that Kimberly is seen as a cougar (at 34), but she kinda is since Harry is barely legal. Just by being born into a certain family, she has had such good romantic opportunities.
2. Kim Kardashian's pregnancy: These last several months, she hasn't seemed happy, not like she was with Kris Humphries. Some people don't like being preggo and I think the whole Kanye relationship is BS. Must be hard for her.

The White House Correspondents dinner was pretty funny. Conan and Obama need to put out an album.

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