Tuesday, April 30, 2013

If You Only Knew the Trash I Was Reading...

No, not Fifty Shades (zzzz), but Heaven and Mel by Joe Ezsterhas (who penned Basic Instinct), the story of how Mel and Joe were supposed to collaborate on The Maccabees until Mel showed his crazy side (which we've all heard). The book is nicely written in some areas, poorly in others, especially toward the end. I got the feeling he rushed this off, got a proofreader to catch typos and slapped it onto CreateSpace. But it's got good dirt and Dish loves the crazy celebs!
Speaking of, Catherine Zeta Jones went back into treatment for her bipolar II, which sounds fairly sane to me. I applaud her for knowing what she needs and getting help. We've never seen her throw a hissy. In fact, can I go, too, to this civilized place? I don't think I need treatment maybe a little but I can make it fun for other celebrities. I'll read tarot cards, conduct knitting classes and facilitate karaoke.

Bruce Jenner was topless in Greece. I saw the pictures. And now I can't sleep.

That is all.


John Haracopos said...

I'm a bit intrigued but I just don't think I can allow that much thought time to MelFuckheadGibson!
As for Bruce Jenner, I can't believe that one of the hottest medal winners and Wheaties cover models of all time, has turned into a walking cadaver with a bad, bad, bad wig!!!!!! WTF????????

J.J. needs excerpts from Dishgirl's memoir- right now!!!

So Sorry To Hear About The Passing Of Antoine..

Dish said...

Thanks, J.J.! I've been a weepy mess for sure along with finishing the book. Agree about the walking cadaver. WTF happened to him?????