Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Aniston Got Sick on a Big Mac!

So our dear Jennifer admitted to eating junk food (essential JF, tho) and it didn't agree with her. Sorry, people, but while you're celebrating the Fourth, I'll be imagining Jennifer having the sh*ts. It's just where my brain goes. It's okay, Jen, the same thing happens to be when I even look at, much less eat, gazpacho. How I love McDonald's vanilla shakes instead--and the Aniston.

Just caught up with Scientology and discovered that Tommy Davis is no longer its ardent spokesperson. Would love to have been a Xenu fly on the wall when that went down. Maybe not. They scare and fascinate me.

Scandal's Kerry Washington, it seems, secretly got married which out those nasty rumors of a flirtation with Tony Goldwyn to rest. Dish never believed that in the first place.


dishcousin said...

"Just caught up with Scientology..." Love the way you express yourself.

And can't wait until Feb. 6.

Dish said...

Thanks, Dear Cousin!!!