Thursday, July 04, 2013

Happy Fourth of July!

Because the stars are off celebrating (no one is being nuts), I will take this space to wish you the best of holidays and I hope you have the rest of the week off. TG and I just got a new couch. The novelty of new furniture is pretty amazing. It's lethah. (I think)


DM said...

DM recommends TarotbyAntoine.wordpress, full of hilarious insight into the animal/human condition. AND it comes from kitty heaven. There is nothing better on the web.

Dish said...

Antoine psychically transmits a thank you from above. He's delighted you find such pleasure in his work. And now he has to go get his nails done.

DM said...

See what I mean, folks? Tarot by Antoine has that same sense of humor but on a higher plane. That's because Kitty Heaven is "above" us.