Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The World Still Ablaze with Shock over Clooney Breakup!

Stacy and George supposedly didn't knock boots for months before he broke up with her on the phone. After their 30-second breakup ("I'm sorry, but I need to be gorgeous by myself"), Stacy threw the phone across the room and immediately phoned Gerard Butler, king of the rebound hos, but he was busy waiting for the magic unicorn that is Jennifer Aniston who is no doubt on the verge of a breakup with Justin (via text). Rumors abound that Clooney is already cozying up to a new mysterious lady named Derek.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck has left The View and will soon appear on Fox. Ya know, I'm happy for her. She stuck in there on a difficult show where her view was in the minority. She belongs at Fox.

There is a Khloe and Lamar cheating scandal that seems rather bogus. Though, I stand by this credo: never date an athlete.


Anonymous said...

I read that SK wanted to have children.

Dish said...

I'm sure that's bs, though she might want a more permanent gig of sorts. Given George's history, she must have known his MO. It's painfully obvious he stays behind the yellow line.