Thursday, July 11, 2013

Happy Birthday, Lisa Rinna!

Our darling Lisa (aka Ass Lips, but we say this with love) is now 50. She is our lighthouse in a storm, the go-to girl when the chips are down, our favorite person to see on the red carpet because she's so damn perky all the time. Seriously, she never pouts or puts on a diva attitude. Staying power in life. If you can be in Hollywood for that long and not lose your mind, you're an inspiration! Don't hate me--I enjoy her.

So, I find myself alone in the house for the next couple of days. Secretly, I relished the idea of alone-Dish time but the minute he left, I felt this agonizing loss. Like, what would I do if he left permanently? I lived alone for a very long time. It's been three years that I've lived with TG. That short a time can erase all my years of being independent?

I cope by watching hours and hours of Grey's Anatomy, my latest discovery 8 years after the fact. So I have nine seasons of catching up to do. I'm on Season Two. McDreamy? I get it and, no doubt about it, he's playing TG in the movie version. It's possible we could do Enchanted casting but Amy Adams might be too energetic as Dish. We need someone sullen/happy/sluggish/busy-seeming (i.e. insane).

Casting change for Broadway's Jersey Boys--totally expected since Frankie Valli's part is a rough singing job for any one person. Dish will investigate thoroughly and report back. $$$ will be spent. TG will roll his eyes.

Leah Remini quit Scientology. The walls are coming down. But it was a good ride for as long as it lasted. Maybe I'll get rich inventing a religion. Oh wait, if you scroll down to 2006, you might see the seeds of Damonetics, i.e. The Religion that follows the teachings of Matt Damon. It's a thought.

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