Monday, July 01, 2013

Sad, Happy, Cool, Excellent and Annoying!

Dishtears tonight for Pierce Brosnan and his family as he loses his daughter Charlotte to ovarian cancer. This is also the disease that took his wife and her mother. Blah! I feel so bad.

I'd been waiting months for Jessica Simpson to give birth. She's been pregnant for too long, and at last, she will endeavor to be skinny again. Oh wait... Anyway, her precious son's name is Ace Knute. Not so bad.

In boinking news, Superman and The Tudors' Henry Cavill is allegedly "Big Banging" Kaley Cuoco. I can totally see this.

If you watched Dexter last night, you must have noticed a whole new level of sophistication, not only with the carved head, but with the appearance of Charlotte Rampling. She ups any show/film's game. Not only is she impossibly sexy in that Helen Mirren way, she's creepy. I can't wait to see the next ep and I've been bored with Dexter since John Lithgow left.

Lastly, my cholesterol is 206 200, which irks me. 173 last year. No more butter for me. Okay, no more French fries and burgers either. At least no diabooties. The doc had the nerve to suggest I eat whole grains, olive oil, fresh veggies (like I'm an imbecile) and cut back on red meat...and do more cardio, too. More cardio, really? Has he met me? This sucks! But also, counting my blessings. I am healthy just insane.

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