Friday, August 23, 2013

Ben is the New Batman

...which begs for Matt Damon to be the new Robin and Jennifer Garner to be the new Catwoman and Robin Williams to be the new Alfred. I may be in the minority but I approve this choice of Ben. He'll bring out the bat in the man. Christian Bale does nothing for Dish. My only worry: Doesn't playing Batman kind of mean your career is going downhill?

Time for some Kleenex on this news: Richie Sambora has left Bon Jovi. If Duran Duran can survive the loss of Andy Taylor, surely, Bon Jovi can find a new rocking guitarist. We Duranies are thrilled with Dom. Fans will adapt.

We finally know what baby North West looks like. Of course, being a baby, she is adorable. I immediately thought she looked like Kim. Speaking of celebrity babies, Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria are the proud parents of a baby girl named Carmen.

I'm giving birth to a new addiction to Carambar candies from France.


Sam said...

Matt as Robin? I don't think so! He should be the new Superman! And yes, I think they should (accidentally?) kiss and start a new superhero series for those of us who like our heroes super sexy and super passionate for each other. Cat woman? Who's that?

Dish said...

Totes agree that Matt would be a great Superman! I want to see them run at each other and butt chests.

Agree that Cat Woman means nothing if not Michelle Pfeiffer or previous actresses.