Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Blond Star Sightings--Melissa George and Emily Bergl, at Separate Times!!!

11:35 am: Dish waited for her turkey avocado tartine at Le Pain Quotidien and watched as a flock of counterpeople helped Melissa George get a "savory" baked good. Indeed, had I been awake, I would have done the same, for she is lovely and so amazing in In Treatment. Observed her overall form. Hate her for breathing the same molecules as Gabriel Byrne being younger and thinner (not really, maybe a little). As she left, she wore a white hat, which ever so slightly hid part of her gorgeous face.

5:25 pm: Fresh from a visit with J.J. who COLORED my locks divinely, I went toward Mercy Market on 20th and 7th in search of a mini-Rittersport candy bar I could inhale before TG-detection. Suddenly, I breezed by Emily Bergl, looking harried yet amazing, which made me forget about the chocolate completely. That's what celebs do. They help you lose weight!

Today the news broke about Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones splitting up. They had a good run. Reminds me of my early years in NYC, they were dating, I was going "ewwwww." But New York and their marriage sunk in.

Blessings on a dear family member, who left us today. So very sad.

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