Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What's Up, Men?

Girls Gone Wild mastermind Joe Francis has been sentenced to jail for boy-gone-wild-against-girl violence. What a sociopath mess! I'm sure some therapy and anger management and time behind bars will repair his fractured neurons.

Lamar is in hell. I keep hoping I will wake up and realize I've dreamed the demise of the Lamar and Khloe marriage. They are so cute, sexy and cuddly together. Why is he yet another cheating drug user? I wanted him to be Mr. Perfect! Can't we pretend nothing happened?

Alec Baldwin can't control himself as he and another photog tussle. The evidence keeps piling up. And photogs are so brilliant, even dressing for a work-out. Wear good sneakers if you try to snap Alec.

Katie Holmes is filming in Cleveland. Dish is on her knees, praying for her immediate return to NYC.

And now, news you've been waiting to hear: tomorrow I will reunite with J.J., our favorite hair guru, to get the mop of straw dyed--I mean, enhanced.


John Haracopos said...

I'm Awaiting Your Arrival With Abated Breath! I've Missed You So Much, I Can't Wait To Catch Up On All That Is; Personal Dish!!

John Haracopos said...

BTW- How Many Times Must I Say It Before You Absorb It? DYE FABRIC, COLOR HAIR!!!!!