Monday, August 26, 2013

What Was That?

I forgot to watch the VMAs last night, though I forget every year because the inarticulate speeches make me ill. Plus, you just can't top Madonna kissing Britney. I did watch some clips, especially since there is much ado about Miley Cyrus. I can see what the fuss is about--I mean, Can't Sing, Can't Even Try to Perform without Bumping Up Against a Foam Finger. I mean, ew. Why do female singers always have to tramp it up, especially the pre-pubescent ones? Why can't they know...sing? At least N'Sync wore nice suits (to hide middle-aged bodies) and displayed some talent in movement.

In other news, Lamar and Khloe seem to be over. It's not just the cheating, but his alleged drug use. I was pulling for them. She and Kris are the only ones who don't talk in a detached monotone.

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