Saturday, July 30, 2011

Alexander McQueen at The Met

So worth the wait in line. Though if you're Dish-like, you *hate* crowds. Only McQueen's recognizable brilliance made me withstand the stop-start of shuffling gawkers like myself. I'll be dreaming about the red dresses, straight shoulders and S&M touches. Just get a membership to The Metropolitan Museum of Art and you can skip those lines. Yipee!

In high school, Katherine Heigl was the girl who found me useless. She was popular but had vicious habits behind closed doors (in-your-face flatulence, bulimia). Josh Duhamel was the hunk who paid no attention to me and was kind of a dick. He'd talk to me but have an eye for whoever was behind me. It was with some trepidation that I plopped in Life As We Know It. Verdict: Kind of cute, but Dish had a hard time getting past these two. They could be terrific in real life--except for the bad theater manners and nastiness to flight attendants. The material is average, perfect if you don't want a challenge.

According to, Kathy Griffin maintains that diet and exercise are responsible for her skinniness at 50. She says she replaced unhealthy snacks with "fruits and veggies." On Broadway this spring, she was super-twiggy, a little strung-out looking. I'm sure this assessment would make her day. I love her!

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