Sunday, July 10, 2011

Star Sighting--Joan from Say Yes to the Dress!!!

9:01 am, a deli right near Kleinfeld's. Yes, Dish's star-sighting senses are set to 11 even this early!!! And yes, I recognize stars from reality shows I don't really watch. By "really" I mean I don't watch them all the time--just most of the time. This morning I spotted a bright-eyed Joan from Say Yes to the Dress, clad in black, getting her coffee. A portly husband recognized her and said something like, "Oh my wife watches your show..." I think. I might have imagined that but Joan clearly had the look of "I'm getting attention." The man asked if she had a busy day ahead and she said yes. I did all I could not to spill my coffee from the shock and joy of seeing her. I loves my celebs!!!

A big shout out to Gale Harold, who is Dish's age (for the next 5 days) today. Happy birthday, GH! Both Kate Hudson and Posh Spice gave birth today, which means their wee bairns also share Gale's birthday. How can you beat that?

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