Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dish is BFFs with Kim Kardashian!

At least that's how my subconscious saw it in last night's dream. Kim and I were in a car, driving in a horrible neighborhood. Well, Kim was at the wheel. Her crazy ass got us in the bad place.

"I *love* your show. Your mom is awesome!" I gushed in typical Dish fashion. In waking life, I don't watch her show and find the mother to be pleasant on camera but a little fame-hoggy to undergo public face-lift for Kim's wedding. Oh yeah, me too.

Kim and I sat around while we texted. Two thugs approached the car and harassed us because we're so beautiful. Kim got scared, I threatened the police and Kim pressed on the gas. We sailed through the city streets together. She was shaken, but I remained cool as a cucumber. "You got through it," I said. "And you're getting married! Think of that. Not this."

This seemed to make her feel better. Aren't I nice? This morning, I feel the glow of friendship for Kim and wish her the best in her upcoming marriage.

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J.J. said...

It's so sad that your beautiful brain has had it's dreams invaded but that COWdasian....