Saturday, July 02, 2011

Happy Long Weekend!

So, Dish is reading more into the Linda Evangelista revelation that Francois Henri-Pinault is her babydaddy. It seems her baby and Salma's are the same age. Can you imagine what Francois was thinking--that two women were carrying his child. Maybe it made him feel powerful and masculine. Is he so gorgeous/wonderful that two beauties would want his seed? Dish is learning more and more from The Tao of TG that "It's all about the monnnnnneeeeeeeyyyyy." And big jugs.

Some sad news for me--Simon Le Bon continues to have vocal problems and more Duran Duran dates canceled. I'm devastated as this means less likely that they'll come to New York in a timely manner. Let's pray for a miracle.

And now, Dish is off to DM's place in the country. My mission for the weekend: To find my 50-page term paper on Duran Duran, which I wrote when I was 15. I'll post a page at a time. Small recompense for my not being able to see the new Julia Roberts movie immediately. Has anyone seen it?

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