Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy Belated Birthday, Dishbrother!!!

WTF, Dish? Where have you been? I have no idea. Maybe I was in a chocolate coma. Maybe I got too engrossed in My So-Called Life. Maybe I needed a vacay.

The worst travesty is that I didn't post a special Happy Birthday to Dishbrother, who turned a milestone birthday yesterday. Since he probably wouldn't want me to post his picture, I will post a pic of the celebrity he resembles most.

It's not the day of Jesus, people. It's the day of Dishbrother who, fifty years ago, made a pact with Satan. That he keep his handsome rugged gorgeousness for all time. In return, well, nothing because Dishbrother is smarter than Satan.

Not only is Dishbrother amazing, but he's amazingly talented. I use his skin care products exclusively (except for Olay and Roc Deep Wrinkle Night Cream) and they are awesome. Also love his sleep balm, which helps bring about Lily White's Party (the lie my parents told me = sleep). His sh*t is awesome!

Enough pimping. Let's keep celebrating Dishbrother for another millennium or two...


DishBrother said...

Thank you, Dish! LOVE YOU!!!

Dish said...

And I love YOU!!!

Anonymous said...