Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Anarchist

There's a reason this play is closing early. It kinda stinks. Patti and Debra are great actresses. They're comfortable on stage and I would have loved to have seen them together in a different play. It's the Mamet language--so full of itself and not how anyone would speak and with lots of needless repetition--they both couldn't overcome it. At times, they were reciting as fast as they could, as if to get this damn thing over with. They glossed over the conversation and I kept having to think and rethink what they just said in order to understand. I have a  learning disorder now. Wonder what their chemistry was like off stage. At the same time, I would see them in shit any day of the week. And I did.

The best part: Patti signed my Playbill and was absolutely lovely with her fans. Just a sweetheart! She and I made eye contact. That will keep me going for a while.

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