Sunday, December 09, 2012

Kate Is Yakking Again!

Oh wait, I said I wouldn't cover them during their pregnancy. Can I blame it on my Lindt overdose? So anyway, Kate is vomiting again. I feel it's only fair Wills gets equal coverage of his bodily functions. Tell us where/when he lays a giant royal turd, please?

So, that Party Animal Who Played Liz seems to be attaching at the member to a member of The Wanted. Now Dish has to research and see what this band is about. Then watch something by New Direction, to whose member Taylor Swift (I think that's her name) is attached to one of the members. I'm so tired.

On a serious note: Say a prayer for Mexican-American singer Jenni Rivera whose plane crashed early this morning. No news on where she is but so far, authorities fear the worst.

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