Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mario and Courtney

It pains me to get invested in another couple, but I couldn't resist watching Mario & Courtney's wedding fiesta in Mexico, on TLC. Or was it E? Poor Mario Lopez was lovelorn after his marriage to Ali Landry ended in annulment. He's now a budding Ryan Seacrest--with a new daughter and bride! I bonded emotionally with Courtney via television because of the angoisse she experienced over her father's being a block of ice. The added bonus was that I recognized someone I know -- someone whose influence gave me a little push toward TG. Synchronicity!

So, Psy of Gangham Style is being dissed for singing anti-American lyrics 8 years ago. Honestly. We were a-holes in 2004. I certainly was a giant pain. Of course, he might make mistakes before he hit on the perfect song that would capture the universe. Let's give him a break. Dish had a John Taylor mullet.

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