Sunday, December 30, 2012

NYE and Shahs of Sunset

I'm trying to go as low as I can before the year ends. Not only was I desperate enough to record The Real Housewives of Miami Reunion show (they are so vile) but I also found a special documentary on Hitler. if needed more juiciness, I'm now officially hooked on Shahs of Sunset. Just seeing Reza, the Big Gay Al of Persia, sniffing a boy's armpits in a club, well, it made me weep with revulsion understanding. Poor TG is hiding in the kitchen with the See's chocolate. But I get a credit because we watched The Watch (his choice), which is one of the worst movies I've seen ever, like if Gigli and Magic Mike had sex, this would be the product--TG giggled all the way through.

New Year's Eve is posing a problem for me. It's my favorite holiday but I don't want to go out. I have to work. Am I lame because I just want to watch Anderson and Kathy? TG is more social so we will probably go to the nearest bar. No subway or bus or taxi for me with all the crazies out on the street.


Hershey Kiss @ midnight said...

Andy & Kathy are on tap at Hershey Manor. Halloween and New Years outside our walled realm give me the willies. Giving stupid people a pass to be stupid? I shudder at the thought! Happy New Year to Dish & TG.

Dish said...

Happy New Year to you and HersheySideKick! I hope you both have a fabulous 2013!!!!