Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Real Housewives of BH--A Lesson in Manners

This is how I know Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is fake, fake, fake. It makes no sense that at Mauricio's company party, Kim would choose that moment to reveal to Adrienne/Paul (the scariest couple ever) that Brandi Mistress of Truth dropped a bomb about A&P behind their backs. Two questions: Who does that and what *is* the scandal Brandi unveiled about the Maloof/Na--somethings? There might be strange mental wiring involved on Kim's part--she has her moments--but -- okay I would have done the same thing if the cameras were on me. Can I hire Brandi to be my life coach?

I should be reading my New Yorker but got distracted when I learned that Anne Hathaway flashed her delicate flower accidentally there are no accidents at an event. This kept me busy. All websites have covered her maidenly undercarriage. They certainly didn't do the same for Britney Spears, Lindsay or poor Denise Richards! Where's the justice?

Good deed: Don't tell TG but I tipped the deliboys10$ for making me a delicious turkey club sandwich. Celebrities often double-tip, so I figured I was in good company. It made me feel great.

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