Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dish Has Remembered John Taylor's Birthday 30 Times!

January 1983: New semester at my boarding school. I was still wearing velour, but had started using my allowance to puff away on Merit Ultra Lights. My BFF brought me presents from Germany and news of a phenomenon sweeping Europe and soon the U.S. She showed me a picture of the band, and I pointed: Who's THAT fox? "That's John." Dish was hooked. Spent many years filling journals full of John Taylor (though stopping upon news of his first marriage--okay, maybe sooner than that). Even though I've moved on from my celebrity crushes except for Jane Lynch, the entire cast of Arrested Development I still remember JT's birthday and wonder if he identifies himself as a Gemini or a Cancer. He seems like a Cancer to me Geminis are insane.

Aside from this, Dish had a fruitful day, a long discussion about the Kardashians with Dishmama, who always makes me feel intelligent even while I'm talking about stupid things. That's what a good mother does. Of course, I'm following the mourning over James Gandolfini. Never got too into The Sopranos but appreciate actors who stand out.

Kim and Kanye have named their baby North West. I'm not kidding.

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