Thursday, June 27, 2013

Julia Is In New York!!!

I sort of knew our Julia was Dish-proximate but today there was photographic evidence of her in the Post (love the shorts, love the flats, love the shades, love to) on her way to see The Lion King. From the ratty flannel in her purse, I'll guess her children were nearby. Otherwise, she would have joined me for my 12th viewing of Jersey Boys, aka the best show on earth.

In my pre-sleep haze, I noticed Kat Von D ended her engagement to Deadmau5 and alleged that he cheated on her. The tweets were vicious! While I will never get a tattoo, I am rooting for Kat Von D. She chooses crappy guys, but who hasn't? She makes a fine lipstick.

Shadiness: James Woods (66) parades his new 20-year-old girlfriend. The Deen endorsements continue to disappear. I wore a wifebeater in public and renewed my library card.

TG is watching a nature show on bears. He's into bears, especially the Snuggle and Charmin bears. We might get one as a pet. 

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