Friday, June 28, 2013

Poking the Bear

Someone famous has rage issues...and journalists are way smarter than he is because he falls for the taunts every time. When you vent like this in public, you make yourself look like a crazy ass. Journalists don't tend to shy away from inciting outbursts like this. They keep taunting since idiots like me LOVE to read this garbage (I read other, more learned stuff too). Now, will Alec Baldwin lose jobs over this anti-gay rant the way Paula Deen is?

By the way, Deen's book, which is due out in October, has been canceled by its publisher. Serious business.

Prediction: Chris Christie is losing the weight, no doubt to run for President for health reasons. But if he comes out against gay marriage, he will lose. I hope he keeps talking!

Cher says that Tom Cruise is in the top five of her lovers. Not sure what to believe.

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