Friday, June 21, 2013

Fallen Heroes Making Way for Others

After using racist language, Paula Deen was dropped by the Food network. I don't know much about her but sort of empathized with her having battled depression, plus she makes the kind of food that I love--i.e. fattening and comforting. How sad when the ones we admire are flawed. I am perfect, of course.

Speaking of flawed, my doctor recommended I do the dreaded yoga to lengthen my spine. I'm now UNDER 5'5, which is embarrassing. I chose a regime by Maya Fiennes, who makes yoga look sexy. Plus, hmmm. Fiennes. Sounds familiar. I vaguely remember Ralph Fiennes accused of doing naked yoga to seduce a flight attendant (everyone has his own seduction toolbox). Yoga, Ralph, Maya = Family. I went to Google and found my answers--she is married to one of the Fiennes brothers so I'm in good hands, cinematically. We won't talk about my lack of grace or that the breath of fire is much like one of my panic attacks.

I've created a monster. I introduced TG to Six Feet Under and now it's a marathon. Four episodes in a row. But TG has been extra nice to me this week.

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Hershey Kiss said...

We love those Fishers!