Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Today's Celebrity: The Supreme Court

I'm throwing a pound of glitter to celebrate those fab five who killed the Defense of Marriage Act. Let's hope that floods of people will benefit and heal. Let the federally-approved marriages begin and please invite me to them.

It's hard to believe the Weiner rises again. In a new poll, Anthony W. is leading the pack of dems running for mayor of NYC. I told ya--we always forgive male sexual misconduct in this country (Hugh Grant, Mike Tyson, Bill Clinton, that South Carolina congressman whose name I can't remember, etc...). I'm so disgusted I may not vote. Convince me otherwise.

Putin and Obama may need to get out the rulers as they trade grrrrrs over Russia's keeping Snowden. Someone pointed out to me that we would have no problem housing a Russian Snowden and saying screw you to Putin. How will this end? Let's just have vodka and a Big Mac!

Did you see Paula Deen on the Today show? Matt is known for his probing questions and I don't think Deen should have done the interview. I'm sure it was genuine, but when you're fragile, don't be on TV. There is so much drama on television already and we've seen it all. Any real fragility comes off as fake or odd. It was difficult to watch. Not sure it will stop the bleeding either--though news reports that her businesses are booming.

But yay, DOMA dies!


John Haracopos said...

Glitter All Around!!!!!!
I can't get over this rise of Anthony Weiner out of the ashes either!!!! He was on line in front of me at "Eataly", not long ago and trust me all anyone would have to do is see him in person and how he behaves in the world and he wouldn't get a vote to be a janitor... He is such a rat that the slime just drips out of his pores. If he becomes the front runner, I'm not voting!!!!
Don't Trust The Weiner, It Only Wants To Fuck You!!!

Dish said...

Great info, JJ! You need to do political slogans. I won't be voting either.