Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Rest in Peace, Tony Soprano

I confess, my first thought upon hearing the news was: Julia Roberts must be devastated. She and James Gandolfini starred in The Mexican together and had more chemistry than she had with Brad Pitt. During the promotion of the movie, Julia and James seemed very cozy, though it could have been residual pheromones from bonding with her now husband Danny Moder. Long story long, it's shocking to me that Gandolfini is now gone. 

Today has been a strange day altogether. I reviewed my Real Housewives of Orange County and can see that Gretchen and Tamra are becoming distant again. This explains why Gretchen wasn't a bridesmaid at Tamra's recent wedding. Can't we all get along? So for real female friendship, I turn again to Army Wives where in Season 7, they bring in a flock of new wives, all of whom I like more than the old ones (except Kim Delaney, my treasure, even if she guzzles several liters of V, is belligerent and slurs--I love her). I'm just waiting for Brooke Shields to appear. The clouds will part and excellence will reign over mediocrity.

Now in the evening, my mood has taken a different turn. I've gone through several pictures of stars with cellulite, not for the schadenfreude but to feel as if I'm not alone. (though it's easy to give a star cottage cheese legs if she's running)

Now here's Cher singing live on The Voice last night.

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