Saturday, June 15, 2013

Kim Khad a Kbaby Kgirl!

Kim allegedly delivered 5 weeks early, but Dish is wise to the stars' pregnancy tactics. I think she had her baby only a week early because the stars always say a month later so as to avoid the paps storming the hospital on the real due date. Kudos to the Kappy Kouple! Wouldn't it be cool if they named her Lucy? Using Dish's formula, Duchess Kate will deliver any second now.

Now, I have an overdue sighting from May 29th from Dishbrothersidekick. He writes:

"Dean Winters, who played Ryan O'Reily in OZ. I saw him today, walking his bike through the crowd at the Union Sq Farmer's Market, around 5:30pm. He looks a bit more rugged since his days in OZ and has a few lines around the eyes, but still looks very handsome and flashed a beautiful sexy smile." He's the guy we now know from the Geico commercials (which TG enjoys over and over).
Who's seen the new Superman? I'm hearing that it blows.

Rumor that Amanda Bynes is faking her craziness. I knew it!!! So now, let's stop giving her attention.

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