Tuesday, November 02, 2010


I'm ashamed: Not sure I'll even have time to vote as I'm being whipped and quartered while running all over town. I'm not lying or exaggerating (maybe about the running). Second day of Nanowrimo--up to 3,500K words--and looking forward to In Treatment and the delicious tension between fabulous Amy Ryan and Gabriel Byrne (TG is bored to tears by the show).

Still seeing too many pictures of celebs in their Halloween costumes. Only tidbit: Demi Lovato is in rehab for an eating disorder and cutting--allegedly. Dish is so lucky: I had an eating disorder for one day. I had 500 calories then went for a five-mile run, came home and felt dizzy. Made myself a triple-decker sandwich! Of course, I'm lucky in that when stressed, I stop eating, which accounts for being able to drop 10 pounds at a moment's notice. My heart is with Demi L. Young people need their teen idols to be strong!

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