Saturday, September 24, 2011

Officially Obsessed with The Good Wife

I will summon the cool of Julianna Margulies* in all harrowing situations. There have been many of late. More cool but in the fashion world, I'm following the buzz of Daphne Guinness who was written up The New Yorker. I'm fascinated by the effort she must take to get dressed. Is it comfortable? One must applaud living works of art. Ix Nay on the anorexia, though.

Today's news: Justin and Jennifer bought some art for Haiti. Taylor Lautner and his gf broke up. As Rumi says, "20 more will come...". Wanda Sykes got a double mastectomy after diagnosed with breast cancer. Hurray for her complete recovery ASAP.

Dish is going to Rachel Astarte Piccione's signing for The Bride of Manhattan in Nyack, home of Rosie O'Donnell. Will nosh and get fabulous autographed reading material.


Anonymous said...

I almost weakened and bought a copy of the National Enquirer while in the check out line this morning. I had near,y convinced myself that the fact that I am dealing with a nasty ear infection entitled me to a tangible tabloid, but the fact that I hadn't read dish in several days gave me the resolve to not give in. Hail to the dish.

Dish Upon a Star said...

Aw, you're great for my ego! (I might have bought the Enquirer...)