Thursday, September 15, 2011

Star Sighting--Daniel Day Lewis!!!

8:25 am, 18th and 7th: Don't try to go all scruffy on me, Daniel Day Lewis. We all know you have those sparkling green eyes and one of the winningest smiles. Alas, hello, good morning, Dish was crawling on the concrete, wishing for an espresso when she passed DDL who...was mumbling to himself. One never knows what's going on in the mind of DDL. All I can say is: I've abandoned my child!!!! I've abandoned my BOY!!!! Stay alive! I will find you!!! I will blow dry my hair!!!

Beautiful people events: January Jones popped out her wee bairn and named him Xander Danes Jones. That name is so cool he will be turning away suitors in droves. Hunkalicious Joe Manganiello broke off his engagement--perfect timing for DishfriendMel, who can have a True Blood sandwich with Skars and Manga, two of her dearest loves.

Watching The Kennedys and Katie Holmes is impossibly beautiful. Still feel she's too immersed in the Cruise filmy glow. Good performances. JJ is right--it picks up after a few episodes.

Alex, Kelly and Jill were fired from Real Housewives of New York City. I'm sure they don't care that much and have better things to do. This season was slow anyway.

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