Monday, September 12, 2011

Say it Ain't So, J Lo!

Do I believe the rumors that J Lo and Bradley Cooper are dating? Not even a little bit. Dish just doesn't see zing. Maybe because I still--irrationally--feel he tortures small animals and lights girls' hair on fire for fun. J Lo needs a man who will spread petals on the floor leading to a romantic master bedroom containing jacuzzi, mirrors on ceiling and a sultry haze which makes everyone look better. Never mind that. J Lo doesn't have time to date right now with American Idol, her resurgence as an A-Lister, and then caring for precious Max and Emme. My wish is that, for once, J Lo date someone as big as she is--both physically and famously.

Tennis anyone? I tend to avoid watching Serena Williams play (love Venus, tho!) given her penchant for mouthing off at umps, especially if she's not playing well. Why can't athletes behave like sportsmen/women? She was fined, according to recent reports. Congratulations to Samantha Stosur!

Prayers to the family of Spartacus actor Andy Whitfield who died too young at 39 after battling non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. So sad. I remember when he left the show and this is terrible news indeed.

How do we tread water in this life? We do it by trying to get on television. I could have big news in a few days. Dish might bask in someone's greatness tomorrow and let us all pray no one faints! No, it ain't Duran Duran, but definitely a hero.

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